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NAPLAN Paper 2012 Year 3 Numeracy With Answers

Download NAPLAN Past Papers 2012 Year 3 Numeracy with answers. Get comprehensive solutions to all the questions in this practice paper, helping you prepare effectively for the NAPLAN assessment. Ace Past Papers provides a reliable resource to enhance your numeracy skills and boost your confidence.

Year 3 Numeracy 2012 Paper Overview

Questions Summary

  1. Find the correct answer from the given additional word problem.
  2. Analysing the graph about  students in a class voted for their favourite fruit.
  3. Image pattern question related  to finding the building between the hairdresser and the butcher.
  4. A word problem involving finding  the page number under the ink.
  5. Determine which bench Alice goes to.
  6. 3-D solids Identify the front view of the stacked cubes.
  7. A shape related to find the missing 
  8. calculate the sum of three numbers.
  9. Determine the length of half an hour.
  10. Calculate the sum of two numbers.
  11. A subtraction word problem finds a different match.
  12. Identify the shape not shown on the fast forward button.
  13. Determine the number most likely to be on a ball taken from a box.
  14. Determine the time when Emma looked at her watch.
  15. Identify the number of blocks in the next shape in the pattern.
  16. Determine how to find the total number of blocks.
  17. From the given calendar determine  when Josh will visit the dentist again.
  18. An image pattern determines how the sign looks from inside the shop.
  19. Identify which two pieces could fit together to make a cube.
  20. Determine the possible length of the medium clip.
  21. Identify the shape with one line of symmetry.
  22. A bar graph related to finding who threw the most balls into the hoop.
  23.  Determine the number of boys in Year 4.
  24. Calculate the amount of money Kate has left after buying an apple.
  25. Find the missing number in a subtraction equation.
  26. Faces of a 3D object  Identify the name of the object based on its faces.
  27.  Determine how much money Dean started with.
  28. Calculate the number of minutes between two times.
  29. Grid map question to calculate maximum number of tags that can be cut from a sheet.
  30. Calculate the number of cake pieces with icing on only two faces.
  31. Determine Tom’s height on a specific date.
  32. Logical question to find  the answer that everyone should get by following specific steps.
  33.  Identify the first number in a pattern.
  34. Calculate the cost of one sticker and the maximum number that can be bought with a specific amount of money.
  35. Determine the length of each spoon based on the length of a fork.

Topic or Skill Used In Each Question

Distribution Table of Topics/Skills Used in the Questions

Here’s the table showing the distribution of questions based on their topic and their frequency:

Topic NameFrequency
Addition word problem4
Analysis bar graph1
Image pattern2
Word problem1
Arithmetic Word problem1
3D solids1
Subtraction word problem2
Number pattern2
Nets and solids3
Calendar reading1
Measurement of length3
Line of symmetry1
Bar graph2
Arithmetic word problems1
3D object1
Money word problem3
Measurement word problem1
Arithmetic and logical1


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