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NAPLAN Paper 2016 Year 3 Numeracy With Answers

Download NAPLAN Past Papers 2012 Year 3 Numeracy with answers. Get comprehensive solutions to all the questions in this practice paper, helping you prepare effectively for the NAPLAN assessment. Ace Past Papers provides a reliable resource to enhance your numeracy skills and boost your confidence.

Bar Graph of Distribution of Topics/Skills Used in the Questions​

Bar Graph of Distribution Table of Topics or Skills Used in the Questions NAPLAN Paper 2012 Year 3

Year 3 Numeracy 2016 Paper Overview

Topic or Skill Used In Each Question

1.Counting and Comparison

2. Measurement & Comparison

3. Money Calculation

4. Data Interpretation

5. Geometry

6. Multiplication

7. Time Reading

8. Addition & Money Calculation

9. Data Interpretation

10. Number Sense

11. Geometry

12. Pattern Recognition

13. Measurement & Weight

14. Number Sense 

15. Data Interpretation & Graphing

16. Multiplication

17. Probability

18. Division and Grouping

19. Multiplication

20. Volume Measurement

21. Division

22. Grid Navigation

23. Money Calculation

24. Area Calculation

25. Weight Comparison

25. Subtraction

27. Probability

28. Number Sense

29. Number Sense

30. Addition and Subtraction

31. Fraction Calculation

32. Measurement

33. Addition and Subtraction

34. Multiplication

35. Subtraction

Distribution Table of Topics/Skills Used in the Questions

Topic/Skill Number of Questions
Counting and Comparison 2
Measurement and Comparison 1
Counting and Money Calculation 1
Data Interpretation 3
Geometry 2
Multiplication 4
Time Reading 1
Addition and Money Calculation 1
Number Sense 4
Pattern Recognition 1
Measurement and Weight Calculation 1
Data Interpretation and Graphing 1
Probability 2
Division and Grouping 1
Volume Measurement 1
Division 1
Grid Navigation 1
Subtraction and Money Calculation 1
Area Calculation 1
Weight Comparison 1
Subtraction 3
Addition and Subtraction 2
Fraction Calculation 1
Measurement 1


Questions Summary

  1. Identify the group with the most stars. (Page 2)
  2. Compare the lengths of two strings. (Page 2)
  3. Calculate the total amount of money based on the number of ten-cent coins. (Page 2)
  4. Interpret a graph showing the number of students with each eye color. (Page 3)
  5. Identify the shape that can be made by joining two given shapes. (Page 3)
  6. Calculate the total number of people on a roller-coaster. (Page 4)
  7. Identify the clock that shows half-past four. (Page 4)
  8. Calculate the total amount of money received as a birthday gift. (Page 5)
  9. Calculate the total number of children based on their responses to a survey about their favorite sport. (Page 5)
  10. Identify a number that is within a given range. (Page 6)
  11. Identify the model made by folding a piece of paper along the dotted lines. (Page 6)
  12. Identify the missing tile in a pattern made by turning a tile. (Page 6)
  13. Calculate the weight of a cube based on a balanced scale. (Page 7)
  14. Write a distance in kilometers in numerical form. (Page 7)
  15. Interpret a table and draw a picture graph. (Page 8)
  16. Identify the correct mathematical operation to calculate the total number of blocks given to students. (Page 8)
  17. Calculate the chance of landing on a specific symbol when spinning an arrow on a spinner. (Page 9)
  18. Group eggs into groups of three. (Page 9)
  19. Identify a problem that can be solved with a given multiplication number sentence. (Page 10)
  20. Identify the container that will hold the most water when full. (Page 10)
  21. Calculate the number of points each player scores in a basketball game. (Page 10)
  22. Identify the cell in which a symbol is located based on given clues. (Page 11)
  23. Calculate the change to be received when buying items with a specific amount of money. (Page 11)
  24. Identify the grid with the largest area painted grey. (Page 12)
  25. Identify the heaviest object based on weights compared using a balance scale. (Page 12)
  26. Identify the number sentence that can be used to calculate the number of stickers one person has. (Page 12)
  27. Predict the outcome of the next flip of a fair coin based on previous results. (Page 13)
  28. Identify the number that comes before a given number in a pattern on a number line. (Page 13)
  29. Identify a number based on given clues. (Page 13)
  30. Identify the card that will make a given number sentence correct. (Page 14)
  31. Calculate the fraction of a bag of apples left for one person. (Page 14)
  32. Measure the width of a hand using a broken ruler. (Page 14)
  33. Identify the card that will make a given number sentence correct. (Page 15)
  34. Calculate the total number of fence posts used around a rectangular garden. (Page 15)
  35. Calculate the number of strawberries one person picked based on the total number of strawberries picked and the number of strawberries the other person picked. (Page 15)

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