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NAPLAN Paper 2013 Year 3 Numeracy With Answers

Download NAPLAN Past Papers 2012 Year 3 Numeracy with answers. Get comprehensive solutions to all the questions in this practice paper, helping you prepare effectively for the NAPLAN assessment. Ace Past Papers provides a reliable resource to enhance your numeracy skills and boost your confidence.

Year 3 Numeracy 2013 Paper Overview

Questions Summary

  1. Ben used beads to show a number. What number did he show?
  2. On a grid, what can be found at B2?
  3. Which shape is the candle most similar to?
  4. Some numbers are missing on a chart. What number should be in the missing square?
  5. Which grey shape has the largest area?
  6. Four children used a tally to show their scores in a game. Who scored exactly eight points?
  7. Students need to line up from tallest to shortest. Which two students need to swap positions?
  8. Dan drew a shape with three straight sides. Which shape could he have drawn?
  9. Nick buys an apple and a banana. How much does he pay altogether?
  10. What comes next in this repeating pattern made from a square tile?
  11. What time does the next boat leave?
  12. Which square is one-quarter shaded grey?
  13. On which spinner is the arrow most likely to land on black?
  14. Six children shared 50 chocolates. How many chocolates did Lily get?
  15. Which two letters show the positions of the grey cubes?
  16. How many cakes were left over after half were eaten at a party?
  17. Liz takes a present from a basket. What is the chance she will take the toy car?
  18. Alice has more pens than Evan and fewer pens than Jamie. How many pens does Alice have?
  19. Which sum adds up to more than $5?
  20. Which face is not symmetrical?
  21. In a survey, how many more people like cats than do not like cats?
  22. How many edges does an object have?
  23. Using a ruler, what is the length of the pencil?
  24. On which date does Jill say her party is?
  25. How many strawberries were on the plate at the start if Nat took half of them and then 1 more?
  26. Stella ran 4 times around a track. How many times did Grace run if she ran 2000 meters?
  27. Which shoe made the shoe print in the sand?
  28. What is the smallest number of rectangles the shape could have been cut into?
  29. How did the paper look after Meg folded it?
  30. After 11 weeks, how much more pocket money will Bella have received than John?
  31. Lee paid for lemons and got $5.05 change. How many lemons did Lee buy if each cost 45 cents?
  32. What is the total length of the sticks Harry used to make an object?
  33. How much money does Harry have in coins?
  34. What is the length of each stick that Tom had if they were all the same length and he used them to make an object?
  35. How many coins did Harry have in total?

Distribution Table of Topics/Skills Used in the Questions

Topic/SkillNumber of Questions
Counting and Comparison2
Measurement and Comparison1
Counting and Money Calculation1
Data Interpretation3
Time Reading1
Addition and Money Calculation1
Number Sense4
Pattern Recognition1
Measurement and Weight Calculation1
Data Interpretation and Graphing1
Division and Grouping1
Volume Measurement1
Grid Navigation1
Subtraction and Money Calculation1
Area Calculation1
Weight Comparison1
Addition and Subtraction2
Fraction Calculation1


Topic or Skill Used In Each Question

Q. NoTopic Name
2Analysis bar  graph
3Image pattern
4Word problem
5Arithmetic Word problem
63D solids
8Addition word problem
11Subtraction word problem:
13Number pattern
15Nets and solids
16Addition word problem
17Calendar reading 
Q. NoTopic Name
18Image pattern
19Nets and solids
20Measurement of length
21 line of symmetry
22Bar graph
23Arithmetic word problems
25Subtraction word problem
263D object 
27Money word problem
29Nets and solids
31Measurement word problem
32Arithmetic and logical 
33Number pattern
34Money word problem
35Measurement of length

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